About Us

‘For Your Farm, Garden & Home’ 

Our Story:

Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs is located at 3490 Hwy. #7A , just east of the lights at Blackstock, down the hill on the east side of the highway — You can’t miss us.

Harold & Melanie Wright founded their business in 1984, working out of the turn-of-the-century feed mill and store located near the four corners of Blackstock village.  *** Sadly, this historic community icon, know as the Old Feed Mill, burned down on February 15, 2020.  Harold had started in 1977 working for  ‘Wallace Marlow Company Limited’  that owned the Old Feed Mill and grain-drying business at that time — Very sad the see the Old Mill go.***

Finding the need to expand their growing business, they purchased 2.4 acres of land on Hwy. #7A and built a new 2000 sq.ft store and 4000 sq.ft. warehouse building in the summer of 1993, adding the grain bins, fertilizer warehouse and garage at the same time.  

The Grand Opening celebration was held on Nov. 13, 1993 with many familiar faces from the community and family/friends helping us celebrate the ribbon-cutting ceremony with then Ward 4 Councillor, Harvey Graham — local farmer and friend.

The Wright’s four children were a big part of the family business through the years, working weekends and summers through the school years with some working for full-time, extended stretches, side-by-side their parents, learning and growing the business along with them. 

NEWS:  The Wright’s sold their family business to Durham Farmers’ County Co-operative on Nov. 1, 2018 to realign the business in a changing market, keeping the operation current, competitive and providing a larger support system and sales force.

Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs will continue to operate under the same name and brand that customers have come to associate with this location, maintaining its existing employees as well as the Shur-Gain livestock feed, farm, home and garden supplies that customers are accustomed to.

This opportunity to amalgamate with DFCC was a good fit for the Wright’s business and will benefit all parties, including the agricultural community of Blackstock and surrounding areas that Harold & Melanie have been proud to serve for over thirty-four years.

In September 2020, long-time employee Mike Parr assumed the responsibility of Site Manager, and will continue to carry on the tradition of offering friendly and knowledgable customer service to the local community.

What We Offer at Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs:

Supplying Shur-Gain/Trouw Nutrition bagged and bulk floor-stock and/or custom-formulated feeds from their manufacturing facility in St. Mary’s, Ontario, Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs can offer premium, balanced floor-stock feeds for pickup at the store or we can provide delivery services for a nominal fee. 

With our in-house, mobile feed mill, Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs are able to mix  floor-stock feeds for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, swine and backyard wildlife from locally-sourced grains, corn and incorporating Shur-Gain feed supplements and premixes into balanced rations for all species.  We can also formulate and supply custom mixes for on-farm, local bulk feed deliveries. 

In the spring planting season, we offer an outdoor garden centre filled with annual flowers and vegetable plants, hanging baskets and planters for everyone to brighten up their home and backyard.  We also offer bagged potting soils, planter mixes as well as manure, triple-mix, top soil, lawn dresser mix, peat moss and a variety of natural and coloured mulches.  Lawn fertilizer and grass seed for all soil types, flower and vegetable garden seeds, potatoes and onions are also big sellers in the spring planting season.

We provide crop input seed, bulk and bagged farm fertilizer and we have an 8-tonne Kraus fertilizer blending system gives us the ability to blend bulk farm fertilizer to the customer’s field specifications as well as blend seed and fertilizer together to plant directly.   Bulk fertilizer field spreaders are also available for pickup and on-farm fertilizer deliveries.

For backyard wildlife, we now carry Bragg’s Premium Bird Seed, and offer sunflower seeds, peanuts, nyjer seed and an abundance of bird feeders for wild birds, hummingbirds and orioles. 

We carry Jones’ Feed Mill’s Deer Mix in both regular and low molasses formulas for backyard deer-watching. We also sell deer blocks, salt blocks and whole corn and grains for wildlife.

The store offers an abundance of farm & home supplies: 

  • Workwear, workboots and winter boots, insoles and gloves 
  • Lawn and garden tools and supplies, hardware, nuts and bolts
  • Fencing and wire, electric fencing systems, welding products
  • Animal health and animal identification supplies
  • Equine halters, feeders, buckets and all other equine-related items
  • Water softener salt, safety salt, wood-burning pellets and fire bricks
  • Dog and cat food and small animal food, toys and treats

For your backyard poultry supplies for meat and layer birds as well as ducklings, goslings and guinea keets, we have feeders, waterers, feed and vitamins, electrolytes, egg cartons.   

We also take orders for day-old meat and layer chicks, ducklings, goslings, pheasants and guinea keets and offer for sale 19-20 week old ready-to-lay hens. 

If you can’t find something in the store, we are always willing to source the item for you 🙂

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide quality products and services at competitive pricing with honesty and integrity in a supportive atmosphere.  We strive to build a strong customer relationship that supports client goals to profitably grow their business.  

We aspire to enhance the home and garden experience of farmers, hobbyists and home-owners. We endeavour to demonstrate a professional business personality with a ‘down-home’ feeling in our face-to-face customer service relationships.

We see many of our clientele every day in the neighbourhood, at local events and we also have children who have grown up together in the community.

We strive to get to know any new customers as they come in and endeavour to create lasting, loyal relationships with them. 

Essentially, our customers become our friends 🙂

Harold & Melanie Wright — Founders