Backyard poultry orders can now be placed. Download the order form 2022 Day Old Chick Order Form.


For your Information:  In Ontario, backyard laying hen flocks may have up to 99 hens without purchasing quota.  Ungraded eggs can only be sold from the actual farm gate location; Graded eggs (through a licensed grading station) may be sold anywhere, even from small flocks.


Basic Care for your Chicks, Turkeys, Pullets, Poults, Ducklings & Goslings— Click to download Shur-Gain’s fowl care program

We carry the Shur-Gain’s own“Small Flock” and/or “Homestead” line of chicken and turkey feeds that come in a crumbled, uniform texture (in 25 kg. bags or 2 tonne bulk delivered on-farm) as a ration to feed your flock.

Here is Shur-Gain’sSmall Flock Poultry Program Brochurethat will give you lots of information about their feeding program from day-old to market.

Any questions that you may have about raising your own backyard flock can be directed to any staff at Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs — we’d be happy to help.

Feel free to email us at wrightsfeeds@gmail.com for current pricing information or to ask us any questions.


If you are considering trying organic feeds for your backyard flock, Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs floor-stocks year-round an Organic Layer Mash and during the chick-growing season, Organic Chick Starter & Organic Chick Grower.

*Give us a heads-up if you are interested in using all organic feeds for your meat bird or laying hen flocks — We only receive these products on a bi-monthly basis and we need a 2-3 week ordering window for our supplier to order/deliver.  Please give us ample time to fulfill your organic feed orders.

Egg Formation and Eggshell Quality in Layers — Understanding the factors that can affect shell quality is vital for the production of eggs with the highest quality possible.

Biosecurity for Small Poultry Facilities — Click for info to protect your flock.

Water Quality for Poultry–Nutrifax — A safe and adequate supply of water is essential for efficient poultry production.

REMINDER:  New backyard poultry producers will need to register as a Family Food Grower in Ontario.  

As a licensed Broker/Dealer for the Chicken Farmers of Ontario, we can obtain this number on your behalf after you place your chick order, providing us with your contact information and the location where your chicks will be grown.

If you are new to having your own backyard flock, we have prepared a downloadable document,CHICK CHECK LIST, that will give you all the details to prepare for your chicks and how to care for them as you grow them to market weight.


Family Food Program of Ontario

Chicken Farmers of Ontario

Turkey Farmers of Ontario

Egg Farmers of Ontario

Ontario Hatching Egg & Chick Commission

Chicken Farmers of Canada

Egg Farmers of Canada