Tomato-seedling-seed-leaves-and-side-shootsStealing this video link and directions for planting tomato seedlings from Mark Cullen’s Gardening Week spot on Canada AM.  Here, he shares his recipe for growing great tomatoes.


My recipe for the best tomatoes on the block:

— Buy young, short, vigorous plants

— Dig a hole the size of a bushel basket and back fill it with triple mix

— Plant the tomato deeply – up to the first set of true leaves.The stem will produce roots that anchor it later in the season and build its drought resistance.

— Put the shell of one chicken egg [is there any other kind of egg?] in the bottom of the hole to prevent blossom end rot

— Water well and deeply. Repeat when the soil is dry to 3 cm. deep.

— Stake with a spiral stake. Getting your tomatoes off the ground will double your crop.

— Apply Bordo mixture every 2 weeks beginning in early July to prevent blight – 5 applications

— Harvest often!

tomatoesWords to live by 🙂

Here’s the link to his video:

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