Our ‘Wholesome Blend’, ‘Lifetime’ , ‘Naturally Fresh’ and ‘Heritage’ lines of dog and cat food are Canadian-Made and come with a money-back guarantee for palatability

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While we do stock most of these pet foods, store size limits us to the most popular among our customers but we do have access to obtaining any that offered by Nutreco.

WB HG Wheel of BagNutreco’s Pet Food Brands are manufactured in Nutreco’s plant located in St Mary’s, Ontario.  Located in the middle of Ontario’s Agricultural Belt, they are ideally located for local ingredient sourcing and distribution throughout Canada and USA.  Since 1983, they have been enhancing the lives of animals through on going nutrition and quality improvements to meet the needs of your pets.

As Canada’s Leading Animal Nutrition Company, they employ over 900 people from coast to coast.  Nutreco Canada provides animal nutrition products and services supported by 12 Manufacturing facilities, a World Class R&D research team and an onsite-dedicated team of nutritionists.


A family of premium ‘All Life Stage’ formulas providing balanced nutrition to your pet (from puppy stage to senior) without the use of corn, soy, wheat or meat by-products, all at an affordable price with palatability guaranteed.

logo-wholesome-blend-grain-free-red‘WHOLESOME BLEND’  PET FOODS:

These super-premium pet food formulas are packed full of wholesome ingredients. 100% fresh non-rendered meats, Canadian low glycemic navy beans, nutritious ancient grains, selected fruits & veggies and oral support providing natural healthy solutions for your pet.


Nutreco’s “Heritage” brands of pet food, specifically our “Tip Top” Dry Dog & Cat Food plus “Prestige” Premium Dry Cat Food still serve the needs of the thrifty pet owner looking for quality pet food at reasonable prices.


NutriChoice Dry Dog & Cat Food -- Page 1Another Pet Food Product line available through Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs is our “Nutri-Choice Advantage” line — a Premium Dog & Cat food made with real chicken or lamb, whole fruits & vegetables and all the advantages that quality ingredients provide.


Since 1995, the Nutreco breeder program has provided Canadian pet professionals with a variety of dog & cat diets that deliver optimum balanced nutrition for results in the show ring, the field or the backyard.

Join the Breeder Program and take advantage of the special incentives and discounts, which save you money and ensure that every puppy or kitten that you care for develops to its full potential through the superior nutrition offered by Nutreco products.

Our dog breeder programs have been designed to support dog professionals feed from a range of high quality, nutritionally balanced diets that help to provide results for adult dogs and a great start for puppies. Our wide range of products support and reward dog breeder efforts with our Breeder Value Program.

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