Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs offers a one-stop shopping experience for sprucing up your yard, planting a garden and caring for your home or cottage.

From grass seed, garden and farm tools, flower bedding plants and vegetable plants, hanging baskets  and planters, water softener and pool salt, live traps for pesky critters, lawn care rental equipment to local honey and maple syrup & tapping supplies — These are just some of the unique products featured in-store along with everyday home-care products, equipment, hardware and pest control supplies.

Congratulations to our honey & maple syrup supplier, Fleetwood Hills Farm, on their recent wins in the Honey and Maple competitions at the 2020 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.  Read the full story here.

Bulk Aggregates now available — A-Gravel, 3/4″ Stone & Limestone Screenings. Stop by with your truck/trailer to pick up your aggregate needs!

Watch for specials/promos in-store throughout the year featuring seasonal products and supplies.



‘Windsor’ Clean & Protect Premium water softener salt, Solar Salt crushed water softener salt, as well as potassium-based ‘Nature’s Own‘ softening products are available to soften the water in your home or barn.


Safety salt and non-corrosive ice-melting products will keep your yard, driveway and patio safe from winter’s slippery conditions.

Lawn Fertilizers featuring Landscapers’ Blend 28-4-8, 50% slow-release nitrogen (for spring) which is perfect for quick green-up and continuous feedings  for your lawn.  Garden Fertilizers and Soils are available to give your gardens a boost of organic nutrition.  See our: Lawn Fertilizer & Weed Control Information Page for “how-to’s” on lawn care.

Our Garden Centre is open from spring to summer to offer an abundance of annual flowers, vegetables, hanging baskets and planters plus all types of soils & mulches to get your yard and gardens spruced up for spring.

Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs carries Garden Seeds, Garden Soils, Manure and Fertilizers to get your veggie patch ‘growing’ to be your best one yet.  

 See our:  Vegetable Gardens Information Page  for products available.


NEW to Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs!


  • Environmentally Friendly Productbrick-box
  • Easy to Ignite
  • Low Moisture Content
  • Ash Content – 0.5%
  • Low Creosote
  • Does Not Spark or Sputter
  • Burn Time: 2.5 Hours
  • Easy to Store


Enjoy affordable warmth of a wood stove or fireplaces with longer burn times, less stirring, and less ash.  No Bugs and No Mess unlike traditional firewood.  Our Firewood Brick can be stored easily indoors.  Consistent heat from every piece utilizing kiln dried material.  Made from environmentally friendly recycled wood waste which does not require the cutting of trees specifically for firewood.  Carbon neutral!  Our Firewood Bricks releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as it would decay in the forest or as mulch.


1 ton of Bricks is equal to 1 cord of wood.                                         1.5 times less BTU ouput

2 times the density 1 ton of Bricks 30″x45″x48″                            A cord 48″x48″x96″

It burns 2.5 times longer                                                                          Takes up double the space

Wright’s Feeds is your local supplier of this wood-burning product designed to heat your home, cottage, shop or garden shed.  Works great in wood stoves, wood furnaces, fireplaces, chimneas and campfires.

btu-chartTraditional fire logs both wet and dry, contain a high moisture content which increases
smoke emissions and reduces burning time.
Our environmentally friendly firewood bricks made from compressed sawdust, contain lower moisture contents producing less smoke and creating a clean consistent burn for a longer duration of time.

Available by the box or by the skid (one tonne lot).  Call us today for pricing and to answer any questions that you may have about this wonderful product.

wood-pellets-hardwood-flooring-putting-the-forest-first-lauzonWOOD-BURNING  PELLETS — 100% Hardwood, guaranteed!  

Manufactured in Quebec by Lauzon Recycled Wood Energy Inc., these wood-burning pellets boast the highest BTU energy-efficiency rating and the longest burn-time among those on the market as well as the lowest ash output.

Northern Bear, Cubex & Comfort Plus BagsAvailable by the bag or in skid pricing (75/skid).  Delivery available — please call for quote.


Lauzon wood-pellet standards