Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs offers lawn fertilizer blends that are preferred and sought after by lawn-care professionals and home-owners alike looking for that professional look for their home lawn and country property.  

Landscaper’s Blend 28 – 4 – 8 +1% Iron lawn fertilizer (28% nitrogen, 4% phosphorus, 8% potassium) has the added benefit of 60% slow-release nitrogen (over half the nitrogen content is sulphur-coated, wearing off with spring rains for a second blast of nitrogen in 4-6 weeks after application), ensuring a lasting green for your lawn this spring and into summer.

This fertilizer also has added Iron for that dark-green lawn colour that will make you the envy of your neighbours.

28 – 4 – 8 + 1% Iron is specially-formulated to provide the perfect nutrient rations to feed your lawn after a long winter, resulting in a quick green-up for spring and carrying your lawn into the summer months when it’s too hot to apply.

One 25 kg. bag covers ~ 10,000 sq. ft (~1/4 acre) — $29.95/bag with discount of $1.50/bag for purchase of 5 or more bags and volume discount available for skid lot orders (4o bags) for landscapers.

For your gardens, we offer farm blend fertilizers (19-19-19, 6-24-24) that should be incorporated and worked into your gardens this spring to encourage good root development and a healthy start to your veggie patch — $27.99/25 kg bag.

Ask us for recommendations on the preferred product for you, depending upon which vegetables your are planting in your garden — It makes a difference.

Grub Infestation under sodGRUB DAMAGE IN YOUR LAWN GETTING YOU DOWN?  Read all about how to control grubs in your lawn in Melanie’s Blog Post.

A healthy, thick green lawn is your best defense against weeds — Weeds don’t like competition and have trouble getting established if they are struggling in your healthy lawn for sunshine and water.

Since the Pesticide Ban was enacted in Ontario in  2009, chemical weed control is no longer permitted for killing weeds in lawns, gardens, pathways or parks.

There are a number of products available (iron-based weed spray, corn gluten meal, vinegar-based and fatty-acid based non-selective products, etc.) that will help you keep the weeds down in your lawn, flower beds, patios and walkways.  Feel free to ask us for more information.

Spreading Corn Gluten Meal CORN GLUTEN AS A LAWN WEED CONTROL??? — Read Melanie’s Blog Post on the merits of using this product to control weeds in your lawn.

Sowing Lawn seedSEEDING YOUR LAWN:  We offer a selection of lawn seed blends that will perform well in many different soil types.  All lawn seed blends are formulated with Kentucky Blue Grass, Creeping Red Fescue, Perennial and/or Annual Ryegrasses which will give you the lawn you’re looking for in record time, and all at an economical price.  Available, in bulk, by the the pound or by the 25 kg. Bag —  Ask our experienced staff for help calculating your seed requirements and planting information.



The sound of a lawn mower in summer is ubiquitous.  We all have our routine for when the grass gets tall,  but there are some best practices you can follow to bring your lawn from average to something that will make the neighbours jealous — Check out these tips:

  • Ensure your lawnmower blade is sharp and free of rust.  A ragged or dull blade won’t cut you grass cleanly, but instead will give an unattractive frayed appearance.
  • Change the direction you move in each time you cut your lawn to keep coarse grasses under control and ensure a smooth, even surface.
  • Never cut grass when it’s wet!  It mows unevenly and the clippings clog the mower — It will leave clippings that will mat on the grass, blocking much-needed sunlight.
  • Never mow off more than one-third of the grass blade at any given time.  If you let the grass grow too high, cut it back in stages, removing small amounts each time until the desired height is reached.  If the lawn is cut too short all at once, root growth will slow and your lawn will be less hardy.
  • Grass should be tallest in summer.  Mow to 7 or 8 centimetres (3 inches) in spring and fall.  Raise the mower another 2.5 centimetres (1 inch) during hot weather for drought resistance.

Healthy Lawn ImageCARING FOR YOUR “GREEN CARPET” LAWN:  Read Melanie’s Blog Post on how to seed, fertilize, water and treat your lawn to be the best you’ve ever had!

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