Our 2021 OSC seed packages have arrived. To place your order via email, we have created a fillable PDF order form. You need to download the form in order to email it.  Alternatively, you can print these pdfs and fax to the store for Curbside Pickup.

2021 Flower and Herb Seed Order Form

2021 Vegetable Seed Order Form


Starting seeds indoors helps your plants get a head-start.  In this video, they present steps to raising healthy plants from seed.   After you watch the video, try their online Garden Planner for free to find the best times for planting in your local area and how to ‘harden off’ the seedlings once they are ready to go out into the garden:


If you’re planting a vegetable garden, Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs is your one-stop shopping location for Seed Potatoes, Onions, Vegetable Plants, Packaged Seeds, Organic Compost & Manures for garden enrichment.


Staff are available to help out if you are a first-time gardener looking for advice to start your own veggie patch or they can help advise on getting rid of annoying insects, pests & nuisance animals around your yard and garden.

Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs is your local soil headquarters for bagged soils from the Canadian lawn and garden soils manufacturer, Pefferlaw Peat Products and will perform well when mixed with any soil type.

Pefferlaw Peat Products -- LOGOAll Pefferlaw Brand *Certified Organic Soils are safe, natural, free of artificial additives, clay and any by-products and are approved for use in gardening and agriculture by Pro-Cert Canada Ltd.  


Cattle Manure -- new Lawn Dresser -- new pic 124813_Pefferlaw_OrgComp_R0V1   3-Way Mix

A University of Guelph 14-week growth trial proved that Pefferlaw Brand *Organic Hanging Basket & Planter Mix and *Organic 3-Way Mix matched and/or surpassed the best-known national brand soils.  

Peter Prust, president of Pefferlaw Peat Products, says “We are very pleased with these results.  This exercise proves that it is possible to grow healthy, sustainable and bountiful plants without the use of artificial additives.  It’s our hope that more people will give their lawns and gardens a fresh start this season by choosing to use our certified Organic products.”

Organic Soils Chart

Pefferlaw-Peat Hanging Basket & Planter MixHanging Basket & Planter Mix is made from peat humus, peat fibre and composted barnyard manure, specially designed for hanging baskets and containers with three natural fertilizing ingredients.  It’s lighter than traditional soil mixes, thus reducing strain on hanging apparatus and it retains moisture longer.  

Premium Potting Soil -- newPremium Potting Soil  is not as light as the Hanging Basket & Planter Mix and contains less peat moss, vermiculite and perlite.  This mix is great for potting, re-potting, starting seeds & cuttings.

Potting Soil -- twistedPotting Soil — A general purpose potting mix to start seeds indoors and to create your own planters and baskets.  We have a wide range of types of Potting Soils to get the best results from your flowers all summer long.7

Lawn Dresser -- new picLawn Dresser Mix is a great way to start a new lawn, to top dress before re-seeding , to boost & repair your existing lawn or to mix in to improve the existing soil.  Improves aeration and increases the water-holding capacity of the soil, encouraging healthy, green growth on your lawn.

Topsoil -- newTop Soil  or Black Earth are an economical way to top-dress your lawn and replace clay and mineral soils to improve the existing soil, improving aeration and increases the water-holding capacity.  One bag per 9 sq.ft. (i.e. a 3′ x 3′ area).  If adding to existing soil, suggested 3 – 1 ratio, depending on the quality of the existing soil.

Cattle Manure -- newCattle and Sheep Manure,  will help enrich your gardens to provide an optimum medium for growing the biggest vegetables and flowers with the most abundant blooms.  One bag per 12 sq. ft. (i.e. 4′ x 3′).

124813_Pefferlaw_OrgComp_R0V1Organic Compost is composed of peat humus, peat fibre, composted manure and composted vegetable matter.  Ideal for improving existing soil, replacing clay & minerals in soils, providing nutrients to feed plant and improving aeration & water-holding capacity of the soil.  One bag per 9 sq. ft. (i.e. 3′ x 3′).

Play & Work Sand -- newPlay & Work Sand for installing your backyard and patio projects and for filling the sand box for your little ones to create their own masterpieces.

Coloured Wood Chips and Natural Cedar Mulch as well as various Decorative Stones round out our garden products line for the finishing touch to your gardens and to add a polished curb-appeal to your home.  Wood Chips/Mulch are available in 2 cu. ft. size bags and each bag cover 8 sq. ft. (i.e. 2′ x 4′).

‘How The Pros Spread Mulch In Gardens’ Video:

Pine Bark Nuggets are also an excellent alternative to mulch to retain moisture in the soil and control unwanted weed growth.