Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs offers various Services & Rental items from their store in Blackstock.


  • Grain/Feed Moving: Farm-to-farm moving of grains or feeds with our feed truck (auger-on only).
  • Custom Feed Milling: We can formulate feed rations to your specifications and either prepare bagged or bulk product.
  • On-Farm Delivery: Delivery can be arranged for feed, fencing, gates, shavings,  etc., that is purchased through our store and delivered to your local location.
  • On-Farm Feed/Forage Sampling: Collection of your forage or feed samples  and submitting them to the Shur-Gain Lab facilities for analysis. From the results, we can formulate the best possible ration/supplement for your on-farm feeding.  Testing for mycotoxins and molds are also available.  Please note:  There is a fee for this service charged from the lab.

Here are links to Shur-Gain’s Lab Submission Forms:

Shur-Gain Lab Submission Form — Page 1 of 2               
Shur-Gain Lab Submission Form — Page 2 of 2

A & L Canada -- Lab forms and sample bags -- soilSOIL ANALYSIS:  Core sample 1(1)We offer the services of A & L Laboratories, based out of London, Ontario, to submit your fields soil samples directly to them for analysis — You will be able to pay them directly for this service.

With the results you receive from A & L Laboratories, Harold will be able to formulate the optimum fertilizer blend for your field results recommendations.

A & L Labs -- headerHere is the like to: A & L Lab Soil Submission Form

 2015 05 -- WRIGHT S FEEDS -- MAY 2015 FLYER-- lawn equip rentals

  • Signed Rental Agreement Required — Payment Due at time of Pickup; Credit Card information required on signed agreement
  • Additional Charges if equipment returned damaged
  • Additional Charges for longer rental period than paid


LAWN SPREADER — Push Model:   $8.00/day Rental Fee;  Perfect for applying lawn fertilizer, lime and other granular products to your lawn or garden.  Application metering gauge included for calibrating coverage.

LAWN SPREADER — Tow-Behind Model:  $13.00/day Rental Fee; Same calibrations and capacity as the push model but with the ability to attach to your lawn tractor for easier spreading on larger country properties.

CYCLONE BAG SEEDER:  $7.00 per day Rental Fee; Use to spread lawn seed accurately on your lawn.  Seeder slings over your shoulder and the crank handle operates easily to spread seed evenly and accurately.  Eliminates banding applications for a more even application on your lawn.  Easy to use.

LAWN ROLLER –Tow Model:  $20.00 per day Rental Fee; Easily tow behind your lawn tractor to smooth out the bumps and lumps in your lawn for a smooth look that makes mowing your lawn easier and less ‘bumpy’.

 LAWN AERATOR — Tow Model:  $25.00 per day Rental Fee; Safely and easily pokes holes in your lawn to allow air and water to penetrate down to the roots to keep your lawn healthy.

 LAWN DE-THATCHER — Tow Model:    $20.00 per day Rental Fee; Easily removes dead grass and weeds to expose daylight and air to the ground below your lawn to encourage new growth.

LAWN SEEDER — Tow Model:   $30.00 per day Rental Fee; Drop Seeder, 48″ wide, easily sows lawn grass seed on your property or plants smaller pasture or hay field seed, towing directly behind your lawn tractor.


  $10/day                    $10/day                     $8/day                  

Wire Spinner                               Fence Stretcher                            Post Pounder



I.D. EQUIPMENT:  Allflex Total Tagger; $8.00/day Rental Fee

LARGE RACCOON TRAP:   $10.00 per day Rental Fee

POULTRY TRANSPORT CAGES$10.00 per day Rental Fee



Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs has several 4-tonne ‘Wilmar’ Bulk Fertilizer Spreaders and one 8-tonne bulk spreader available on-site to rent for fertilizer processed through our 8 tonne Kraus Blender.

From the blender, we will auger out into our spreader and weigh each load as prepared.   Spreader is then calibrated as to each load’s requirements.  We can also blend and load fertilizer into gravity wagons or trucks.

Our field fertilizer bulk spreaders are PTO-driven and have a field broadcast width of 40′ and 50′.  Rental rates are $15.00/tonne ($20.00 min. chg.) for our 4 tonne spreaders and $20.00/tonne ($25.00 min. chg.) for our new 8 tonne spreader.