Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs carries a wide selection of Farm Fencing Wire, Cedar Posts, T-Posts, Electric & High Tensile Wire and Welded Wire Fabric & Poultry Netting (Chicken Wire) plus all the installation tools and supplies to get you started.

We have Gates, Feeders, Stock Tanks and Waterers of various types and parts and accessories are all available for setting up your barn with feeding and watering equipment.


The Benefits of Installing High Tensile Fencing:

A high tensile wire fence requires many unique components.  Learn more about a high tensile wire fence:  the benefits and how it works.

A high tensile electric fence is an excellent choice to safely contain most species of livestock, including various exotic species.  It is also equally effective keeping unwanted predators, deer or other wild animals out.  

Zareba High Tensile Fencing Installation Video:

This video can teach you how to install and maintain a high tensile wire fence.  While not right for every type of animal or enclosure, a high tensile electric fence is affordable, attractive, easy to maintain and long lasting — from 25-50 years.


From rodents, skunks, pesky insects and raccoons, squirrels and chipmunks — we have a complete line of products suitable for keeping them from your yard, barn and gardens.


We carry the ‘Garant’ quality line of farm and garden tools — from shovels, rakes, forks and handles to garden hand tools, ‘Flexogen’ hoses & hose repair supplies and many products in between.



It’s hay season in this part of the world — Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs has you ‘covered’ for baler twine, bale wrap, silage sheeting and hay tarps.

Baler Twine — both plastic and sisal.  Available in-season are 9,000′ Sisal (bale throwers); 28,000′ Plastic (big round bales), 12,000′ Plastic (heavy-duty small square bales) and 4,000′ Plastic (big square bales)

  • Windrow polypropylene baler twine’s uniformity throughout the entire spool assures the consumer of stronger more dependable knots and tighter bales which will produce a better quality hay even under the toughest baling conditions.
  • Windrow baler twine is specially treated with maximum levels of UV stabilizers to protect the product from breaking down.
  • Every spool of windrow polypropylene baler twine is individually shrink wrapped in a heavy gauge plastic foil which prevents the twine from unraveling or telescoping.

Inland Bale Stack Covers/Tarps — Available in-season in sizes 25′ x 33′; 25′ x 48′; 25′ x 54′; 28′ x 48′.   Silver on the outside to reflect light, black on the inside to prevent green-housing.  Super tough 6.2 oz/sq yd, UVI treated coated fabric giving 3-5 years of use.  Eyelets and webbing set into five layers of fabric, giving about 500 lbs of pull strength.

  • High Strength, coated woven fabric with heat-sealed seams for flexibility and wind-resistance.
  • Silver on topside to reflect the sunlight (heat) and black on the underside to prevent the greenhouse effect.
  • Fabric has special U.V. treatment to give it an extended life.
  • Rope is encased in hem, and eyelets are set into 4-layer gussets every three feet.
  • Proven over 35 years.

ZEUS Epicrop:  ‘EPIC 5’ BALE WRAP — 30” X 1,500m   The EPICROP agricultural range has proven to consistently deliver all of the performance criteria demanded by contractors in all conditions across the world.

  • With a 5-layer technology, all the mechanical aspects of a bale wrap are maximized resulting in a consistently reliable, high quality, high performing film.
  • In order to provide the ideal ensiling environment,  bale wrap needs to offer a number of important elements such as strength, puncture and tear resistance, elasticity, UV stability and the ability to cling in all circumstances.

Silage Sheeting rounds out our line of baling & haying products.  Protect your valued feed harvest in silage pits or bunkers while it ferments and coverts to a highly nutritious and easily digestible premium feed for your livestock.

  • The white/black film’s white surface reflects light energy and the black layer provides 100% opacity
  • The free-fall folded one-piece cover does not require sealing or taping, saving time and increasing your productivity
  • High strength at the folds results in reduced punctures, tears, and performance issues



Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs carries several lines of Electric Fencing Supplies to get your farm, veggie patch or paddock “electrified”.  Cedar posts, T-posts & Step-In posts are also available.


De-Icers & Automatic Heated Fountains, Pails and Stock Tank Floats:

Click here: WaterMaster Series for more information on these Ritchie Fountains.

Click Here:  EcoFount Series Cattle Fountains for more information on these Ritchie Fountains.

Plastic & Galvanized Waterers, Automatic Waterers, Buckets, Feed Pans, Pails and Feeders: