DeKalb Seed Corn & Soybeans

Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs is able to supply all your corn and soybean input requirements from seed to innoculants with proven results year after year.

We have the opportunity to supply seed in bags or in bulk totes.  There are early order and early pay discounts available for fall seed corn & soybean orders every November.  

“The technology and traits behind Monsanto’s ‘DeKalb’ Brand Seed Corn & Soybeans are what have been meeting the needs of farmers worldwide to produce healthier foods, better animal feeds and more fibre, while reducing agriculture’s impact on our environment.”

Dekalb Video -- Flash Planting -- Farmer Surprised in the FieldFLASH PLANTING — A FARMER SURPRISED IN THE FIELD 

DeKalb Video -- A Day in the LifeDEKALB VIDEO — “A Day in the Life”

DeKalb has their own  extensive that will provide a wealth of information about their product’s seed traits, crop protection, local yields data and much more.  Harold Wright understands the DeKalb seed varieties best suited to your area’s heat units and soil conditions.

Valuable Crop Info for consideration:

Seed Size and Shape Issues in Corn — Monsanto Spotlight

Soil Compaction; Best Weed Management Practices; The Right Planting Date — Calendar or Soil?; Planter Maintenance Benefits

Seed Record-Keeping — One of the Best On-Farm Time Investments

Feel free to call Harold Wright with any questions that you may have about any DeKalb Brand products.


2015 03 19-- Wright s Feeds -- April 2015 Flyer-Dow Seeds only

Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs is able to supply all your Dow/Hyland seed products for cereal seed grains and we offer Mapleseed products of hay & forage seed along with paddock & pasture mixes, clovers, cover crops, etc. for sowing and/or topdressing your hay and pasture fields to give them a new life.

Mapleseed Inc.’s website,, has valuable information & resources to help you with planning your forage crop inputs, pasture management, product tech sheets and lawn seeding care.  There are also links to upcoming News & Events in the industry.

Check out our:   Wright’s Mapleseed Brochure.

We can have Mapleseed custom blend your preferred hay seed mixes to your specifications for your forages and we also keep on hand in-season Canada #1 seeds in red, white, yellow & alsike clovers, alfalfa, timothy, bromegrass and orchardgrass.  Each of these products may be purchased by the pound or by the bag  (25 kg. or 50 lb.)

Harold will be able to help you with specifics on varieties that will produce optimum results for your farm’s soil type and conditions.


Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs stocks farm fertilizer blends in 25 kg. bags in 19-19-19, 6-24-24, Urea 46-0-0 to side-dress your seed planter or for smaller areas of your farm or garden.

On-site, we have an 8t Kraus Blender for mixing bulk fertilizer and importing blended product into our bulk fertilizer spreaders for your on-farm field spreading.

Our field fertilizer bulk spreaders are PTO-driven and have a field broadcast width of 40′ and 50′.  Rental rates are $13.50/tonne ($15.00 min. chg.) for our 4 tonne spreaders and $20.00/tonne ($25.00 min. chg.) for our new 8 tonne spreader.  We are able to formulate field-specific blends for your farm and accurately calculate your bulk fertilizer needs for each field.  We have the ability to add micro-nutrients (boron, copper, zinc, etc.) into these blends as well.

Feel free to contact us about your farm’s bulk or bagged fertilizer needs. We will be happy to help you formulate a blend which will give you the optimum results for your crops at competitive pricing.

SOIL TESTING:  Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs offers the services of A & L Canada Laboratories, based out of London, Ontario, to submit your field’s soil samples for analysis. With the results, we are able to formulate the optimum fertilizer blend for your field results recommendations. 

Here is a link to: A & L Lab Agricultural Soil Testing Packages

Here is a link to: A & L Lab Soil Submission Form