SHUR-GAIN’S ‘EQUILINE’ FEEDING PROGRAM“For Love and Life” — Click for Shur-Gain’s full-colour brochure to download all of Shur-Gain’s Equiline products available to keep your horse healthy with a well-balanced diet that also is very palatable — Guaranteed!  These Equiline Horse rations are available in pelleted, textured, ‘grainola’ or extruded rations and are formulated and manufactured by the Shur-Gain St. Mary’s, Ontario feed plant.

Equiline Feeding Programs

Shur-Gain’s Equiline Horse Feed gives your horse the perfect mix of precise nutritional formulation balanced with wholesome and top quality ingredients. Highly digestible fibre sources, such as beet pulp and alfalfa, palatable vegetable oils and top quality grains, are utilized in Equiline Horse products.

All Equiline Horse Feeds are enhanced with antioxidants, vitamin E and organic selenium, which reduces cell destruction, improves the immune system and decreases the effects of stress. Selenium is essential for a healthy diet. Since soils can be selenium deficient and inorganic sources are not as absorbent as organic selenium, Equiline ensures 100% organic selenium in its products.

They also contain a high quality yeast culture, resulting in enhanced fibre digestion and a reduction in lactic acid build-up. This provides more energy for growth, maintenance and other activities. Yeast is also a great source of B vitamins.

You will find a complete complement of macro and micro minerals along with all the fat and water soluble vitamins (including biotin) needed to meet or exceed the National Research Council (NRC) requirements for horses in Equiline Horse Feeds.


    • GRAINOLA — Combining the benefits of an assortment of pelleted products with a textured ration “ Grainola” is a very palatable mix. Pellets provide protein, essential vitamins and minerals, while the unique cubits and nuggets provide highly digestible fibre from beet pulp and alfalfa. Grains, flaxseed and added vegetable fat provide the energy needed for the performance horse.
    • PELLETED RATION — Every bite is packed full of balanced nutrition. When feeding dust-free pellets, you can be assured that every horse receives their nutrient requirements at every feeding.
    • EXTRUDED RATION — The special extrusion process means the feed is cooked which improves nutrient digestibility, increases energy availability and reduces digestive upsets. Extruded feed is an excellent choice for growing horses, mares and performance horses.
    • TEXTURED RATION — Textured feeds provide a balanced ration of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals with the added benefit of a pelleted supplement. Molasses improves the flavour while holding grain and pellets together, providing a high-quality, dust-free feed.

EQUILINE ‘ARMOUR’ PERFORMANCE RATION — Click to download ‘Armour’ feed specs.

EQUILINE Armour Performance Ration promotes a healthy balance in the digestive system.  Its unique formulation and highly digestible fibre improves feed digestion and promotes a stable hindgut environment. It is designed specifically for performance horses in light to heavy work.

     Mother and foal

New to Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs:

brooks logoNow available to supplement your equine feed requirements.  Ask us about this new-to-us product line’s features and benefits or visit their website in the link above.  Click here for General Feeding Guidelines of Brooks Performance Horse Feeds.

Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs features and stocks the following products from Brooks  Performance Horse Feeds:

***All other Brooks Horse Feeds are available upon request.  

In-store, you can find a variety of Equine Products to care for your horse — Wormers (Panomec), Fly Masks, Buckets, Pails, Feeders, Brushes, Halters, Grooming Products, etc.

Obec’s Premium MS Wood Shavings are RIP-O-BEC’s most popular brand which are designed for horses but are also very suitable for other livestock.

These medium-sized (MS) and small-sized (SS) wood shavings are made from virgin spruce and pine which are kiln-dried at a constant temperature to control humidity and maximize softness.  This process ensures maximum absorption providing your animals with excellent bedding cleanliness and comfort.  Virtually dust-free and their unique quality-control process ensures that any large chunks are removed. Available in compressed 3.00 cu ft (84.95L) waterproof plastic bags which expands to 7.00 cu ft (198.2L)  offering the highest level of moisture absorption available.  

We also offer Pageholme Shavings for those who wish a bigger flaked product which is now offered in a bigger bag.

***Call us for discount pricing on skid lots of either type of these shavings.

The Straw Boss




Airborne dust can contain bacteria, mould spores, viruses and plant material. Having minimized dust provides increased animal comfort, employee wellness and reduces barn maintenance costs, while creating a comfortable and healthier environment for all.


Dust extracted straw is significantly more absorbent than non processed straw or traditional wood shavings. Our highly absorbent product will decrease the presence of ammonia that can be found within the bedding. As a result, barn odour is better controlled, creating a more bio-secure environment.


Straw biodegrades much faster than wood shavings which reduces the size of manure piles. Straw does not tie up nitrogen as it biodegrades, making The Straw Boss Dust Extracted Straw a great choice for farmers and gardeners who want to take advantage of putting organics back into their land.

StrawBoss_FineCut.jpgThe Straw Boss – Fine Cut

This product is ideal for animal bedding, composting purposes or over-wintering for your garden. Conveniently delivered on pallets of 30 bags. No extra storage required.

Expands to 10-12 cubic feet.

StrawBoss_CoarseCut.jpgThe Straw Boss – Coarse Cut

This product is ideal for animal bedding, composting purposes or over-wintering for your garden. Conveniently delivered on pallets of 30 bags. No extra storage required.

Expands to 10-12 cubic feet.

Horse Health Record Card — click to download                      Horse Health Record Card.pdf-page-002          Horse Health Record Card.pdf-page-001

fiskes-logo_1Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs offers FISKE’S Animal Care Products           —   a family of products dedicated to making life better for animals and the people who love them.

salve-735 Fiske's Product Family hoof_and_hide_balm-oct14

Hoof Care ~ Skin Disease Care ~ Wound Care ~ Muscle Care ~ Animal Wipe ~ Grooming ~ Rider Products
Anti-Fungal ~ Anti-Inflammatory ~ Anti-Bacterial ~ Antiseptic

Treats mud fever, scald, scratches, ring worm, mange, rain rot, itchy tail, sweet itch, dandruff and MORE – quickly and easily.  

Farrier Recommended — 100% Guaranteed.  

Good for the house and stable — 100% Natural.  

For prevention and restoration — 100-year-old formula created by a Veterinarian

    • There is everything good about Fiske’s products: Price- Quality- Results!  — Leslie Guy, Equestrian Trainer

    • What do I think of Fiske’s, it saved my horses life. — Bruce Kock, Calf Roper

“PROOF OF PERFORMANCE” for EQUILINE — ‘Shine’ & ‘Xplosion’ from Stable Relations touting the benefits of feeding these Equiline Horse Feeds in their stable.

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Antimicrobials Resistance Update — 2018

As of December 1, 2018, all Medically Important Antimicrobials (MIAs) for veterinary use will be sold by prescription only.  

Antimicrobial drugs like antibiotics are important to fight bacterial infections in humans and animals.   All medically important antimicrobials will be on the Prescription Drug List – Products for Veterinary Use.

You will need to get a prescription from a veterinarian for your animals for:

— Prescription drugs (including, for example, injectables, in-water and in-feed formulations).  You will be able to buy these drugs from a veterinarian or pharmacist.  Importation rules will continue as per existing Food and Drug Regulations.  

— Prescription medicated feed – This is livestock feed that contains a prescription drug, including supplements, macro & micro premixes and complete feed.  You will be able to buy these medicated feeds from a commercial feed mill, veterinarian or pharmacist with a veterinary prescription.

The Prescription Drug List (PDL) is a list of medicinal ingredients. Any drug containing an ingredient on this list must be sold by prescription.  Since 2004, new MIAs approved by Health Canada have been included on the PDL and must be sold by prescription.

We are now moving all remaining MIAs approved for veterinary use before 2004 to the PDL. With this change, we establish the same level of oversight for those MIAs approved before 2004 as for those approved after.

The following MIA ingredients will be included on the PDL for Veterinary Use: Apramycin; Bacitracin; Erythromycin; Lincomycin; Neomycin; Penicillin G; Spectinomycin; Streptomycin/Dihydrostreptomycin; Sulphonamides; Tilmicosin; Tiamulin; Tylosin/Tylvalosin; Virginiamycin; Tetracycline/Chlortetracycline/Oxytetracycline; Or their salts or derivatives.   This includes all dosage forms whether in feed, water, otic, oral, topical, implant, injectable, intrauterine, intramammary or dusting powder.

There will be changes to the labels of MIAs:  a “Pr” will be on the principal display panel;  growth promotion claims and related directions for use will be removed; responsible use statements will be put on labels of all in-feed and in-water MIAs. 


Ontario Equestrian Federation

Equine Guelph

Quarter Horse Racing Owners of Ontario

OSAS:  Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society

Ontario Barrel Racing Association

Equine Canada