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Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs inventories the CCIA-approved Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Cattle Tags manufactured by ‘Allflex’ in packages of 10 or 25, for your convenience.  We will register these tags on your behalf at the CLTS website.

We can also supply information and pricing on Tag Reader Systems that work with the CCIA RFID tags and your herd management system.  Give us a call if you’d like any information on these tag reader systems.

Antimicrobials Resistance Update — 2018

As of December 1, 2018, all Medically Important Antimicrobials (MIAs) for veterinary use will be sold by prescription only.  

Antimicrobial drugs like antibiotics are important to fight bacterial infections in humans and animals.   All medically important antimicrobials will be on the Prescription Drug List – Products for Veterinary Use.

You will need to get a prescription from a veterinarian for your animals for:

— Prescription drugs (including, for example, injectables, in-water and in-feed formulations).  You will be able to buy these drugs from a veterinarian or pharmacist.  Importation rules will continue as per existing Food and Drug Regulations.  

— Prescription medicated feed – This is livestock feed that contains a prescription drug, including supplements, macro & micro premixes and complete feed.  You will be able to buy these medicated feeds from a commercial feed mill, veterinarian or pharmacist with a veterinary prescription.

The Prescription Drug List (PDL) is a list of medicinal ingredients. Any drug containing an ingredient on this list must be sold by prescription.  Since 2004, new MIAs approved by Health Canada have been included on the PDL and must be sold by prescription.
We are now moving all remaining MIAs approved for veterinary use before 2004 to the PDL. With this change, we establish the same level of oversight for those MIAs approved before 2004 as for those approved after.
The following MIA ingredients will be included on the PDL for Veterinary Use: Apramycin; Bacitracin; Erythromycin; Lincomycin; Neomycin; Penicillin G; Spectinomycin; Streptomycin/Dihydrostreptomycin; Sulphonamides; Tilmicosin; Tiamulin; Tylosin/Tylvalosin; Virginiamycin; Tetracycline/Chlortetracycline/Oxytetracycline; Or their salts or derivatives.   This includes all dosage forms whether in feed, water, otic, oral, topical, implant, injectable, intrauterine, intramammary or dusting powder.

There will be changes to the labels of MIAs:  a “Pr” will be on the principal display panel;  growth promotion claims and related directions for use will be removed; responsible use statements will be put on labels of all in-feed and in-water MIAs. 

How to Apply Cattle Tags:


For information on treating mycoplasma pneumonia infections, the importance of stress reduction and maintaining body condition in beef cattle, click the following link:


Our Beef Support Team can help you to identify areas where we can provide the industry with an excellent product whether feeding cows or feedlot animals.

     Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs stocks a varied line of Animal Health and Sanitation products for use on your farm.  From injectable medicines, colostrum, milk replacers, calf drenching and castration tools to vitamins, minerals, wormers, needles, syringes and identification supplies — we carry it all. 

If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we’ll do our best to source the product for you.




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