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Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs’ carries Shur-Gain and Jones Feed Mills line of pelleted and/or textured rations of beef cattle feeds for a variety of life stages.  All feeds are formulated with all the vitamins and nutrients required to grow cattle to their optimum market weight.

Contact Mike Parr  for pricing or information on bulk beef rations or supplements delivered to your farm.

perfo beef-ad1Providing Optimum Nutrition for your Beef Cattle

Shur-Gain has a variety of standard products and customized solutions to meet the needs of your beef cattle operation.

Our beef feed contains several minerals and products designed to meet the nutrient requirements of beef cattle from creep feeding to gestating. Our standard supplements and minerals then provide adequate nutrition for the remainder of the production period to produce healthy, economical average daily gains and improved feed efficiency. The Shur-Gain VealScore and Perfo-Beef programs use the combination of ingredient, animal and environmental factors to formulate feedlot rations.

At Shur-Gain our goal is to help every beef producer we work with achieve their goals and maximize their profitability. Shur-Gain’s Nutrition Advisors and dealers are experts in creating integrated feeding programs that help bring the latest innovation and technologies to the farm level. Our Nutrition Advisors understand that each farm has unique needs and management. We work with each producer to help create and integrate solutions that are right for each farm.

vealfeed2Optimizing Performance with VealScore

Shur-Gain’s veal programs help meet the nutritional needs of veal calves through all stages of production. Our standard supplements provide adequate nutrition to produce a healthy calf with economical average daily gains and improved feed efficiency.

Optimal performance can be achieved through the Shur-Gain VealScore program. This program uses the combination of ingredient, animal and environmental factors to formulate veal rations. Using these inputs more precisely predicts veal calf nutritional requirements and performance.

Shur-Gain’s Red-Veal feeding program is designed to promote optimal weight gain and feed conversions in veal calves being fed on high grain diets. Red-Veal is formulated to provide a palatable blend of proteins sources, and is fortified with vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of veal calves fed high-grain rations.

Opti-Veal is a nutrient dense, scientifically formulated, commercially tested, and palatable feeding program. This program offers the science of VealScore; Shur-Gain’s exclusive formulation tool, specifically designed to meet the nutrient requirements of veal calves.

Our Beef Support Team can help you to identify areas where we can provide the industry with an excellent product whether feeding cows or feedlot animals.

At Shur-Gain and Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs, we know the importance of carefully formulating minerals and ingredients that provide high bio-availability nutrients.

Proper levels of minerals must be fed to beef cows during all stages of their production.  Deficiencies of minerals can result in many significant problems, including reduced feed efficiency, poor reproductive performance, metabolic disorders such as retained placentas, compromised immune function, weight loss and many others.  Providing the correct mineral balance and accounting for bio-availability is critical for optimum performance.  Minerals are a vital component of any successful beef cow feeding program.  Both macro and trace minerals play a substantial role in energy metabolism, growth, enzyme production, bone formation, milk production and other functions.

For the Cow/Calf herd, Shur-Gain and Jones’ Feed Mill have several minerals and products designed to meet the nutrient requirements of beef cattle.  From creep feeding to gestating feeding, contact us  for more information on choosing the best product for your needs. Customized solutions are also available.



Pelleted Easy Grower Beef Ration manufactured by Shur-Gain – St. Mary’s, Ontario and bagged at Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs or can be delivered on-farm in 2 tonne minimum feed order.

Easy Grow HF Pelleted Beef Ration is also available from Shur-Gain’s feed mill and can be delivered on-farm in bulk 2 tonne lots.

Jones’ Feed Mill 13% All Purpose Beef Ration is a floor-stocked product and prepared with Ontario corn, grains, and molasses.

Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs carries Agricultural Salt in both Blocks and Bags, Mineral Blocks & Protein Tubs to supplement your existing grass/hay rations.  We also stock Ontario-grown grains, corn & oats and keep stock in our warehouse of rolled corn, rolled oats, rolled mixed grain w/molasses and many other beef feed ingredients like sodium bicarbonate, dried molasses, bentonite, diotomaceous earth to name a few.  Liquid molasses is also available to top-dress your grain rations — bring along your own pail for us to fill for you.

Arm & Hammer BicarbDried MolassesSifto Trace Mineral Salt -- block, lick & bag Sift Cobalt Salt -- block, lick & bagbentonite-250x250


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