AMBER MARSHALL’S CHOICE — ‘Special Moments’ Horse Treats

Want to try something “special” for your horse?

…try our new ‘Special Moments’â„¢ Horse Treats.


We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Amber Marshall, star of CBC’s Heartland.  Amber is a great Canadian role model who’s life parallels that of her on-screen character.

Treats that are actually GOOD for your horse.

Your horse will love the taste of Martin Special Momentsâ„¢ Horse Treats.  You will love the convenience of the cubed shape and the resealable package designed to help maintain optimum freshness.

Martin ‘Special Moments’â„¢ Horse Treats are extruded to improve digestibility and create a uniform texture.  You will feel good knowing that you will be giving your horse something that is nutritionally complete.

By choosing Martin ‘Special Moments’â„¢ Horse Treats, you can be assured you have chosen a premium treat produced with the finest quality ingredients.  With added vitamins and minerals you are providing your horse with a treat that is truly good for them.

Proudly made in Canada,’ Special Moments’â„¢  Horse Treats are available in five flavours to suit the taste of every equine.  Try all five to see which one your horse prefers!


‘Special Moments’â„¢  Horse Treats may be used as a reward or a training aid.  Their hard and crunchy texture makes them perfect for your pocket.  Treat your horse today with ‘Special Moments’â„¢ Horse Treats, Amber Marshall’s choice for her own horses!


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