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Shur-Gain’s ‘At A Glance’ swine magazine is written 2 times a year.  These editions are directed to all producers and members of the swine sector.  Each copy provides coverage of current industry news along with updates on new products, programs, and services offered by Shur-Gain.  Readers will also find direct access to the basic and applied research conducted by Nutreco Canada through recent testimonials and performance results, as well as valuable information on current activities in our industry.

Current Edition:  Winter 2014 — 69 days that matter!  Targeted start, impactful finish

Swine At a Glance Winter 2014

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Significant improvements to the Impact 4e® program

Cheap means profitable? Not always!

Strategic use of synthetic amino acids: Saving money without sacrificing performance!


Watson® 2.0 the Decision Maker

Improve your profitability, without taking unnecessary risks.

At Shur-Gain while we understand maximizing performance and fulfilling nutrient requirements are important, so too is margin over feed cost. In 2006, following our rigorous research process, Nutreco Canada introduced Watson 2.0 the Swine Integrated Growth Model.

Watson 2.0 is the latest version of unique software capable of accurately simulating the impact of any change to your production. Watson 2.0 even more efficiently ties parameters to: management, feeding, farm building, market weight, market prices, and more.

Watson 2.0 balances both the economic and animal performance characteristics to ensure optimum productivity without taking unnecessary risks! It integrates the impacts of the animal definition (genetic potential and weight range); the physical (flooring material, temperature) and social environment pigs (pen size, feeders space, health and well-being); the feeding program including feed textures, energy and the use of performance modifiers like ractopamine or the newly approved immuno-castration technology to raise entire males; grading grids and market prices.

Watson 2.0 provides the answers to your critical questions:
1. What is the optimum slaughter weight for my grading grid and genetics?
2. What combination of energy and lysine maximizes my margin over feed cost?
3. How many feeding phases will minimize my cost/kg gain?
4. What is the optimum amino acid level required to maximize my ADG?

Have our specialized team work for you. Contact a Shur-Gain Swine Nutrition Advisor or a Shur-Gain Dealer to make a difference to your swine farm.

Watson 2.0 RESULTS – Can a mirror image have the same results?

With an empty barn in early January 2010, Bowood Farms took a risk and purchased 1173- 6.41 kg piglets and placed them into their finishing barn. They had never tried this before. By June 28th the last pigs were marketed at an average of 116.01 kg live. After collecting the feed information from the farm, and the marketing data from Ontario Pork, on July 12th, 2010,we were able to present to Bowood Farms their closeout:

Marketed from 6.41 kg to 116.01 kg in an average of 144 days!
ADG of 761 over the whole period
F/G of 2.62
ADFI of 2.00kg
Cost per kg gain of $0.63 ingredient cost  [$0.65 with $15/mt for mill, hydro etc]
Mortality of 3.41%

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Proof of Performance:

ParagonParagon Farms – WATSON 2.0 It Really Works!
Paragon Farms have been utilizing the Watson integrated swine growth model for the past two years and more recently the new Watson 2.0 version, to aid in identifying opportunities for improvement and answering important questions such as: “Knowing the genotype of the pigs, what would be the best energy and protein (amino acids) levels of our diets to maximize the margin over feed cost (MOFC) without sacrificing biological performance?” Click the link below to continue reading…

Proof of Performance – Paragon

Piet and Ann Van Den Boogaard & Family:  Piet and Ann Van Den Boogaard have been valued clients of Shur-Gain and Nieuwland Feed & Supply for 18 years. This long term relationship has been built on mutual trust and respect. “Our Shur-Gain Territory Manager is very trustworthy and knowledgeable. He repeatedly brings sound advice to us with our operation’s best interests at heart. “He works hard to help us achieve our business goals,”says Piet. Regarding dealing locally Piet adds, “I have appreciated the support of our business from our local Shur-Gain dealer, I consider them a valuable partner” — Click the link below to continue reading…

Proof of Performance – Vandenboogard


Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs floor-stocks Shur-Gain’s Pig Starter pellets and also can make, on-site, a Hog Grower mash feed upon request.

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