Tomato-seedling-seed-leaves-and-side-shootsStealing this video link and directions for planting tomato seedlings from Mark Cullen’s Gardening Week spot on Canada AM. ┬áHere, he shares his recipe for growing great tomatoes.


My recipe for the best tomatoes on the block:

— Buy young, short, vigorous plants

— Dig a hole the size of a bushel basket and back fill it with triple mix

— Plant the tomato deeply – up to the first set of true leaves.The stem will produce roots that anchor it later in the season and build its drought resistance.

— Put the shell of one chicken egg [is there any other kind of egg?] in the bottom of the hole to prevent blossom end rot

— Water well and deeply. Repeat when the soil is dry to 3 cm. deep.

— Stake with a spiral stake. Getting your tomatoes off the ground will double your crop.

— Apply Bordo mixture every 2 weeks beginning in early July to prevent blight – 5 applications

— Harvest often!

tomatoesWords to live by ­čÖé

Here’s the link to his video:

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