With summer’s arrival and the rains subsiding giving way to long-awaited sunshine, we are all happy to work outside getting our hands dirty around the farm, yard and gardens, finally getting the hay cut & baled, the crops and gardens are flourishing and we can take a moment to enjoy the fruits of our labours smiling on the world.


Hay-cutting & baling (when the rain holds off); Wheat harvesting & straw baling; Flower and vegetable garden planting, tending and weeding; Mulching gardens to prevent weeds & moisture control; Lots and lots of grass cutting…..


Building and mending  field fences and putting up new electric fencing areas; Feeding the summer flocks of songbirds, hummingbirds & orioles; Day-old chick ordering and readying backyard coops for their arrival

THINGS TO DO IN YOUR GARDEN THIS MONTH: (excerpts from Mark’s Cullen’s Newsletter)

Cut back finished flowers of early season perennial plants.  I am cutting my veronica down now… just the finished flowers.  Roses too. They will rebloom in a month or two.

Last fertilizer application will be this weekend for all winter-hardy plants.  After this, let them take care of themselves and prepare for the long journey towards winter.

Apply Bordo mixture as a spray to all tomato plants.  Prevents early and late blight.  I apply it every two weeks all summer.

Keep fertilizing…. Tomatoes, annuals.  All of the plants that will die this fall benefit from regular feeding through the balance of the season.  I use Plant Prod 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer on my container plants every couple of weeks.

Weed.  If you followed my advice and kept on top of your weeding in June and early July you will have noticed that they are slowing down.  So can you!  Weed when they raise their ugly heads but otherwise read a good book and enjoy a cool drink.

Sow your last carrots, leaf lettuce, mesclun mix, radishes, bush beans and beets for a late fall harvest.

Put some stakes on.  Support your tall growing perennials like the giant rudbeckias, coneflowers, hydrangea (with their heavy flowering heads), etc.  I recommend ‘link stakes’ to make the job easy, invisible and re-useable for many years.

Plant.  Yes, you can plant in the heat of summer: perennials, shrubs, evergreens… virtually all of the plants that you plant in spring are available now (though the selection is not the same) but you do need to water more frequently.  Look out for deals on perennials that have reached their peak at a local garden centres —  Chances are good that you will find discounted plants at your local garden retailer right now.

Relax.  I am not going to make anything up just so you have a long list of stuff to do. Truth is you have worked hard for this break.  August is the month that gardeners take extra time to relax, sit back, read, enjoy a drink and a visit with your favourite family and friends…..and observe the changes taking place right before your eyes.


This month, Ben and I had a great time shooting new videos in the garden.  Introducing 3 new gardening videos that will inform and entertain you. (and we fixed the sound problem! Now you can hear everything we say!)

Check them out:

How-To Deadhead Annuals and Perennials

The Benefits of Mulch

Plant Selection for the East Side of Your Home


Day-Old Chicks & Turkeys 2017 Order Form — Download our new order form with all the ordering details, delivery dates and pricing for meat chicks, layer chicks and turkeys for the hatching season.

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Ducklings, Goslings, Guinea Keets & Pheasants 2017 Order Form — Download our new order form with all the ordering details, delivery dates and pricing for ducklings, goslings, guinea keets & pheasants for the hatching season.

Please allow at least 5 weeks advance notice so that we can ensure your order is booked through the hatchery (Millpond Hatchery in Grafton) and we can have your order confirmed for your desired pick-up date.

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We can’t set a pre-determined date as it’s not an exact science for when our order will arrive.  Simply place your order with us and we will contact you when we know when delivery date to our store will be — You can decide then if this date works for you.  Unfortunately, we don’t carry birds over to after delivery date — Hens must be picked up delivery day.  ***Please note:  Our policy for any orders of six birds or less must be paid when ordering.

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For feeding your feathered friends, we have all the bird feeders, feed, peanuts, suet and other backyard wildlife supplies to keep them visiting your back yard.  

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Deer$205$20HK$2016x20$20LE$20WPFor those who enjoy seeing deer graze on their property, Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs manufactures their own custom Deer Mix that will attract deer to visit plus we stock whole corn, grains, deer & salt blocks.

***Sorry, our custom deer mix is available only in fall & winter seasons when there is less access to food for deer in the wild.

News and Events:

Durham Farm Connections to honour 150 years of farming in Durham Region:  To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, Durham Farm Connections is recognizing farm families who have been farming continually in Canada since 1867, and are still farming in Durham today.  If you are a member of, or know of a family who meets this criteria, please complete the Farm Family Information Form (PDF) to apply.  The families will be honoured at the Durham Farm Connections Celebrate Agriculture Gala on October 26.

OFA BURSARIES FOR STUDENTS:  The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is offering three bursaries in the amount of $2,000, per recipient, to students of OFA families who are entering, or currently pursuing, a post-secondary education in an agriculture-related program. Bursaries will be awarded regionally, including one recipient from each region. The deadline to submit an application form is June 30. Learn more about the 2017 Ontario Federation of Agriculture bursaries.

Durham150.ca: Durham Tourism, in partnership with Central Counties Tourism, will be launching Durham150.ca–a collaborative online resource that highlights local events and initiatives happening throughout the region this year, in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary as a nation.  Featuring the best of what the region has to offer, Durham150.ca will provide a platform for local tourism stakeholders to share their Canada 150 events and initiatives, and the stories behind them–from family fun and festivals, to arts and cultural experiences, and so much more.  Set to launch on June 7, Durham150.ca, will be an online resource to learn about all of the celebrations and experiences taking place across Durham.  To learn more about Regional initiatives, please visit www.investdurham.ca.

The new 2017 Durham Farm Fresh brochure is available!:  This brochure features helpful resources and references for Durham residents, including a map of Durham that outlines where to find seasonal Farm Fresh products at farms and farm markets across Durham Region.   The brochure is available to download online, and is also available at different locations across the region, including The Regional Municipality of Durham Headquarters in Whitby.  For more information, visit Durham Farm Fresh.


Overview of the Census of Agriculture2016 Agriculture Census data available:  The 2016 Census of Agriculture is now available and provides an overview of the nation’s agriculture industry and farm operators and families. Learn more about the 2016 Agriculture Census.

The Durham Region 5 Million Trees Program is part of the Durham Community Climate Change Local Action Plan, with the goal of increasing forest cover in the region by approximately 2,800 hectares.  To be eligible, landowners must have 2.5 acres of non-agricultural land to plant.  Forests Ontario plants the trees at a highly subsidized rate and checks their survival at various intervals in the following few years.  Learn more about Durham Region’s 5 Million Trees Program.

The On-Farm Childcare Program, offered by Durham Farm and Rural Family Resources (DFRFR), is designed to provide quality child care for farm families who reside in Durham where at least one of the parents’ primary source of income is through a farm operation.  The program operates from May to September and allows parents to concentrate on farm work during peak times, without having their children in the workplace.  Learn more about the On Farm Childcare Program.

 August 12:  Brock’s Big Bite 

August 25 to 26:  Blackstock Fair

August 31:  Farmers of Uxbridge

September 2 to 4:  Port Perry Fair 

September 7 to 10: Orono Fair

September 8 to 10:  Uxbridge Fall Fair


September 12 to 14Sunderland Fall Fair 

September 15 to 17Beaverton Fall Fair 


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