With spring right around the corner, the fluctuating cold/mild weather comes with its own set of challenges — from the logistics of getting around in the snow, slush and ice on the roads and farmyards; to the on-going need for fresh water that’s not frozen solid, be it in a trough or bucket; to keeping your feet dry with a new pair of rubber boots for springtime — Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs can help you.

Now’s the time to tap your backyard sugar maples to make your own maple syrup with your family.  See my post with 5-Step Videos on Making Your Own Maple Syrup.

Get your Rubber Boots for the whole family for the impending ‘Mud Season’ that accompanies springtime.

***Last chance sales on Winter Boots, Parkas, Jackets & Lined Bib Overalls before they’re packed away to make room for spring items — And be sure to check out our clearance rack for great deals!

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The Peterson Farm Bros are at it again — “Farmers Feed The World”

Check out their video below:

brooks logoNow available to supplement your equine feed requirements.  Ask us about this product line’s features and benefits or visit their website in the link above.  Click here for General Feeding Guidelines of Brooks Performance Horse Feeds.

Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs features and stocks the following products from Brooks  Performance Horse Feeds:

***All other Brooks Horse Feeds are available upon request.

Order Chicks & Turkeys for your 2017 Backyard Flock

Download our Chicks & Turkeys — Day-Old — 2017 Order Form, complete with all the ordering details,  pricing and delivery dates from our hatchery to us for day-old meat chicks, layer chicks and turkeys.  Bring in your order form to the store or fax, scan/email it back to us for confirmation of your order.



Order Ducklings, Goslings, Guinea Keets & Pheasants for your 2017 Backyard Flock

Download our Ducklings, Goslings, Guinea Keets & Pheasants — 2017 Order Form, complete with all the ordering details,  pricing and delivery dates from our hatchery to us for pekin ducklings, exotic & call ducklings, goslings, pheasants & guinea keets.  Bring in your order form to the store or fax, scan/email it back to us for confirmation of your order.


Order Ready-To-Lay Pullets for your 2017 Backyard Flock

Download our Ready-To-Lay Pullets — 2017 Order Form, complete with all the ordering details and pricing for ready-to-lay pullets, either brown or white hens.  Bring in your order form to the store or fax, scan/email it back to us for confirmation of your order.



Backyard Birds & Wildlife:


For feeding your feathered friends, we have all the bird feeders, feed, peanuts, suet and other backyard wildlife supplies to keep them visiting your back yard.  

Follow this link: ‘YOUR BIRDS & WILDLIFE’ to visit our page where you’ll find valuable information on both hosting and deterring backyard wildlife.


Deer Mix, Corn and Salt Blocks:

Deer$205$20HK$2016x20$20LE$20WPFor those who enjoy seeing deer graze on their property, Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs manufactures their own custom Deer Mix that will attract deer to visit plus we stock whole corn, grains, deer & salt blocks.




white_tailed_deer_buck2We offer a Fall Deer Mix, made with corn, molasses, salt and mineral, plus when the snow has covered the ground and access to fresh water is limited, we switch to our Winter Deer Mix made with lesser amounts of corn plus added oats & barley, with molasses and mineral.  With limited water resources in the winter months, a total corn-based feed is harder to digest and can be detrimental to the deer’s health.  


sweetlix rack deer blockWe also stock Deer Salt Blocks and Licks and a molasses-based Deer Block by Sweetlix.  Specific deer minerals are also available upon request.  Consider  putting out some deer feed at your country property today — you’ll be glad you did!



News and Events:

Congratulations to Zac Cohoon for being named the 2017 Innovative Farmer of the Year!

Zac Cohoon has been selected as Ontario’s Innovative Farmer of the Year for 2017 by the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario.
Cohoon was chosen for his practices in adding compost and building soil organic matter on his 1,200 acre farm in north Durham. The association selected Cohoon for his great soil stewardship, innovative thinking, and his approach to trying new farm practices. Learn more about the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario.

2017 Environmental Achievement Awards:

The Durham Environmental Advisory Committee (DEAC) is now accepting nominations for the 2017 Environmental Achievement Awards. The annual awards program provides an opportunity to recognize individuals and organizations that dedicate time to promote, preserve and enhance the region’s natural environment. The DEAC Environmental Achievement Awards was established in 2003 to recognize and acknowledge environmental achievements of individuals and organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors within Durham Region. The deadline for nominations is Feb. 24. Nomination forms are currently available at www.durham.ca/deac.  To learn more about Regional initiatives, please visit www.investdurham.ca.

Celebrate the season at a local maple syrup festival!

Each spring, residents and visitors travel to north Durham to attend the annual Sunderland Maple Syrup Festival and Purple Woods Maple Syrup Festival to see the innovations of today’s maple syrup industry first-hand and to enjoy a fun, event-filled weekend, while supporting local agriculture. The Purple Woods Maple Syrup Festival will take place throughout March, and the Sunderland Maple Syrup Festival will be held the first weekend of April. Learn more about the Sunderland Maple Syrup Festival and Purple Woods Maple Syrup Festival.

Check out the Durham Farm Connections Open House on April 5!

Residents from across the region are invited to attend the Durham Farm Connections Open House on April 5 from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Luther Vipond Memorial Arena in Brooklin. This family friendly event will feature various educational stations and a chance to meet with local farmers and see livestock. Attendees are also invited to celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday by exploring artifacts that show how much farming has changed in Durham Region throughout the past two centuries. Admission is free but donations of non-perishable food items will be accepted on behalf of the local food bank. Learn more about the Durham Farm Connections Open House.

Take part in Canadian Agricultural Safety Week, March 12 to 18:

Canadian Agricultural Safety Week takes place March 12 to 18 and aims to raise safety awareness and provide farm families with tools to manage risks on their farms. This year (2017) marks the second year of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association’s campaign entitled “Be an AgSafe Family”, which focuses on providing adults with resources to help them to juggle family, farm and work in a safe and productive manner. Locally in Durham Region, Durham Farm and Rural Family Resources offers a progressive Agricultural Safety Day for children aged five to 15. Learn more about Canadian Agricultural Safety Week and Durham Farm and Rural Family Resources.

Comedy Night & Dance — February 3, 2017 — Blackstock Recreation Centre

Blackstock Winter Demo Derby & Fair — February 26, 2017 — Blackstock Fairgrounds

South Western Ontario Dairy Symposium — February 23, 2017 — Woodstock Fairgrounds

East Central Farm Show — March 8 – 9, 2017 — Lindsay Fairgrounds

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