With spring’s arrival, we can all venture back outdoors, get our hands dirty around the yard and gardens, ready farm equipment to plant this year’s promise of a bountiful crop and watch as spring blooms and blossoms in all its splendour as all the new growth smiles on the world.


New crop inputs;  Fertilizing wheat ground, hay fields, pastures and lawns;  Flower and vegetable garden prep work and planting; Day-old chick ordering and readying backyard coops for their arrival


Building and mending  field fences and putting up new electric fencing areas; Feeding the spring flocks of songbirds and getting ready for the return of the hummingbirds & orioles

THINGS TO DO IN YOUR GARDEN: (excerpts from Mark’s Cullen’s April Newsletter)

Plant.  Don’t wait for the ‘traditional May 24 planting weekend’ to plant frost hardy trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials (that are not ‘soft’ and greenhouse forced), roses and hardy annuals (say, what?) like pansies, violas, ranunculus, anemones and spring flowering bulbs (assuming that you need more than you planted last fall) which are in full bloom in pots at your favourite garden retailer.

Greenest Lawn ever…..When it is dry enough to walk on — Rake lightly to remove winter debris and get the grass blades to stand up on end.  Fertilize now with Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs 28 – 4 – 8 spring lawn fertilizer with 50% slow-release nitrogen for continued feeding for your lawn this spring — $27.95 /25 kg bag.  Get a jump-start to a healthy, green lawn this spring and squeeze out those weeds with a healthy lawn!

Sow the following veggies from seed — Peas, carrots, radishes, lettuce, mesclun mix, beets, onions and later this month plant out all of the gassy vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts etc).


Start many of your vegetable and flower plants indoors for planting out in May — Be ready to plant and save money!


Dig in cattle, sheep manure or 3-Way mix when planting anything —  Yes, anything.  Both are good for everything that you grow.  Except water/pond plants.  Use clay or silt for that job.


Set up your rain barrels and garden furniture. Sharpen the blades on your lawn mower (you won’t need it for another month) and change the oil.  Unless it is a cordless electric machine.  Just hug it.


Sow lawn seed:  By hand or with a cyclone seeder, then gently rake & tamp down newly-sown grass seed to fill in those bare spots left behind by winter

Rent our lawn roller, fertilizer spreaders, lawn seeders & aerators to get a good start on having the best lawn this spring


Pick out a new pair of workboots or rubber boots to start the season of on the right foot


Day-Old Chicks & Turkeys 2017 Order Form — Download our new order form with all the ordering details, delivery dates and pricing for meat chicks, layer chicks and turkeys for the hatching season.

Please allow at least 4 weeks advance notice so that we can ensure your order is booked through the hatchery (Millpond Hatchery in Grafton) and we can have your order confirmed for your desired pick-up date.


Ducklings, Goslings, Guinea Keets & Pheasants 2017 Order Form — Download our new order form with all the ordering details, delivery dates and pricing for ducklings, goslings, guinea keets & pheasants for the hatching season.

Please allow at least 5 weeks advance notice so that we can ensure your order is booked through the hatchery (Millpond Hatchery in Grafton) and we can have your order confirmed for your desired pick-up date.


Ready-To-Lay Pullets 2017 Order Form
 — Download our new order form and get your name on our order/waiting list for our next delivery date (TBA) for laying hens delivered to our store for your pickup.  We try to bring in a load of ready-to-lay hens once per month from April to October but frequency depends upon order volume numbers, hen availability and delivery truck scheduling.

We can’t set a pre-determined date as it’s not an exact science for when our order will arrive.  Simply place your order with us and we will contact you when we know when delivery date to our store will be — You can decide then if this date works for you.  Unfortunately, we don’t carry birds over to after delivery date — Hens must be picked up delivery day.  ***Please note:  Our policy for any orders of six birds or less must be paid when ordering.

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For feeding your feathered friends, we have all the bird feeders, feed, peanuts, suet and other backyard wildlife supplies to keep them visiting your back yard.  

Follow this link: ‘YOUR BIRDS & WILDLIFE’ to visit our page where you’ll find valuable information on both hosting and deterring backyard wildlife.



Deer$205$20HK$2016x20$20LE$20WPFor those who enjoy seeing deer graze on their property, Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs manufactures their own custom Deer Mix that will attract deer to visit plus we stock whole corn, grains, deer & salt blocks.

***Sorry, our custom deer mix is available only in fall & winter seasons when there is less access to food for deer in the wild.


News and Events:

SAFETY DAY FOR KIDS  ON MAY 27th:  Durham Farm and Rural Family Resources (DFRFR) presents Safety Day for Kids on Saturday, May 27 at the Port Perry Fairgrounds. The family friendly event will take place from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and will feature a variety of safety demonstrations, discussions, art contests and goody bags. To register, please contact Karen at 416-571-2572 or email onfarm@durhamfamilyresources.org.


Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence Program: Applications for the Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence Program must be submitted by April 28 to be eligible for a possible award. The program supports and recognizes the dedication and innovation of local agri-food businesses and individuals who are adding value to existing products, creating jobs and supporting economic growth. Learn more about the 2017 Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence Program.

OFA BURSARIES FOR STUDENTS:  The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is offering three bursaries in the amount of $2,000, per recipient, to students of OFA families who are entering, or currently pursuing, a post-secondary education in an agriculture-related program. Bursaries will be awarded regionally, including one recipient from each region. The deadline to submit an application form is June 30. Learn more about the 2017 Ontario Federation of Agriculture bursaries.

April 5: Durham Farm Connections Open House

April 5 to 8: National Holstein Convention

April 20: “Getting to Know You…Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs”

April 28: Energy 2017: Have You Heard The Buzz?

May 11 and 12:  2017 AGRI Tech Venture Forum

May 31: Food and Beverage Ontario’s 2017 Annual Conference

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