With the arrival of the New Year and winter digging in its heels for the long haul, the fluctuating cold/mild weather comes with its own set of challenges — from the logistics of getting around in the snow, slush and ice on the roads and farmyards; to the on-going need for fresh water that’s not frozen solid, be it in a trough or bucket; to keeping yourself warm from head to toe — Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs can help you.

Snow shovels, scrapers, ice salt and ice melting products; Bucket and trough deicers, heated water-bowls and heated poultry fountains; Hooded parkas & lined bib overalls; Thinsulate-lined work gloves; Insulated rubber boots and Icebear -50C winter boots — We’ve got you covered!  Stop by the store today and ask us if we can help — Watch for our sales on Tough Duck winter items and be sure to check out our clearance rack for great deals!

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The Peterson Farm Bros are at it again — “Farmers Feed The World”.  Check out their video below:

brooks logoNow available to supplement your equine feed requirements.  Ask us about this product line’s features and benefits or visit their website in the link above.  Click here for General Feeding Guidelines of Brooks Performance Horse Feeds.

Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs features and stocks the following products from Brooks  Performance Horse Feeds:

***All other Brooks Horse Feeds are available upon request.  

Backyard Birds & Wildlife:


For feeding your feathered friends, we have all the bird feeders, feed, peanuts, suet and other backyard wildlife supplies to keep them visiting your back yard.  

Follow this link: ‘YOUR BIRDS & WILDLIFE’ to visit our page where you’ll find valuable information on both hosting and deterring backyard wildlife.


Deer Mix, Corn and Salt Blocks:

Deer$205$20HK$2016x20$20LE$20WPFor those who enjoy seeing deer graze on their property, Wright’s Feeds ‘N Needs manufactures their own custom Deer Mix that will attract deer to visit plus we stock whole corn, grains, deer & salt blocks.



white_tailed_deer_buck2We offer a Fall Deer Mix, made with corn, molasses, salt and mineral, plus when the snow has covered the ground and access to fresh water is limited, we switch to our Winter Deer Mix made with lesser amounts of corn plus added oats & barley, with molasses and mineral.  With limited water resources in the winter months, a total corn-based feed is harder to digest and can be detrimental to the deer’s health.  

sweetlix rack deer blockWe also stock Deer Salt Blocks and Licks and a molasses-based Deer Block by Sweetlix.  Specific deer minerals are also available upon request.  Consider  putting out some deer feed at your country property today — you’ll be glad you did!



News and Events

Blackstock Demo Derby & Fair — August 26 & 27, 2016 — Blackstock Fairgrounds

Port Perry Fair — September 3 – 5, 2016 — Port Perry Fairgrounds

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show — September 13 – 15, 2016 — Woodstock, Ontario

Lindsay Exhibition — September 21 – 25, 2016 — Lindsay Fairgrounds

South Western Ontario Dairy Symposium — February 23, 2017 — Woodstock Fairgrounds

East Central Farm Show — March 8 – 9, 2017 — Lindsay Fairgrounds

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